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Sigil is a free and open-source ebook editor for creating and editing EPUB files

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How can I extract some chapters or sections from an ebook into a new one?

How can I easily extract some sections from an ebook and create a new one that will contain just those parts? It would be especially useful with omnibus ebooks when I want to read just some of the ...
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How can I merge multiple ebooks in a single file?

Is there a way to easily combine multiple ebooks into a single file, that will collect all of them?
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Programming Sigil for importing annotations

I was advised to use Sigil for manipulating an epub file. My idea is to get highlighting from my Kobo ebook reader from its sqlite database and put it into the epub file so that I could see my ...
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How to split an EPUB into multiple files of one chapter if each chapter consists multiple html pages?

To separate an EPUB file to multiple file, I need to find all <h2 and replace them with <hr class="sigil_split_marker" /><h2. However, each element of a chapter is consisted in its own ...
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