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Questions tagged [sideloading]

sideloading involves the transfer of data between two local devices, for example an e-book reader and a desktop computer. It is used in contrast to "uploading" and "downloading" which imply transferring files over a network link, for example WiFi or the data plan on your mobile phone. Use the sideloading tag to describe questions on data transfer between a computer and a mobile device.

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34 votes
5 answers

If I buy a Kindle Paperwhite do I have to get books from Amazon?

If I have a kindle paperwhite, am I limited to books from Amazon? Can I purchase or download books from other sources/retailers?
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13 votes
2 answers

How can I add custom fonts to my Kobo ereader?

Is it possible to add custom fonts to my Kobo ereader? How can I do that?
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19 votes
4 answers

Trouble hooking up Goodreads with sideloaded ebook on Kindle Paperwhite

So I'm using calibre to load ebooks onto my Kindle Paperwhite and everything seems to be working just fine except when I try to use any of the Goodreads options on that book ("View on Goodreads" or "...
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8 votes
2 answers

Is it more difficult to sideload books on to a Kindle Fire than other devices?

I am considering a Kindle Fire, there is a review on Project Gutenberg suggesting it is needlessly (or intentionally) more complex to sideload free works on to a Fire. In a comment to an answer on If ...
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