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Questions tagged [send-to-kindle]

A custom email address granted to Kindle owners that allows documents to be sent directly to devices as email attachments.

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e-mail azw to Kindle Personal Documents Service?

To convert epub to the azw format I've tried an online conversion tool and then sending the generated file to myself as an attachment. So far this doesn't seem work so well. Yet sending mobi files ...
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11 votes
1 answer

How to sync my Kindle with my Kindle library without using WiFi?

This is a question that plagued me a while ago when my wireless router refused to work correctly with my Kindle Touch (3G edition). I had a document that I wanted to transfer to my Kindle as well as ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Auto-adding to a Collection when using a Send-to-Kindle email

When sending an ebook to the email ID to add to your Amazon "personal documents", is it possible to specify a Collection-name somewhere in the email such that the book automatically goes ...
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3 answers

Kindle paperwhite ver. - how to bring back one-click book open?

I've recently upgraded (automatically) my PW2 to the specified software version and I just hate some of the new "features" of it. For example(the worst thing I found and could not fix yet), the book ...
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1 vote
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Notes for sideloaded material?

I see Indeed. I forgot to mention that it doesn’t work on sideloaded content, or even stuff that you’ve sent to your Kindle through Amazon. You can get Page Flip to work with sideloaded content, ...
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How to send web pages to a Kindle from Firefox?

I'm looking to send web pages to a Kindle from Firefox, so am looking at: Unlike Calibre, there's no convenient share button. There is an upload button for "the ...
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