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which kindle supports remote factory reset?

I have an old Paperwhite and I freak out every time I almost lose it. Kindles are very personal. Under my device options on Manage My Kindle I can only deregister it, which prevents people from ...
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Green key associated with mobi file in Kindle File Folder

I downloaded a mobi file from a public forum but when I copied the file to my Kindle, I don't see in the list of books available for reading. So when I looked back in the PC, the files, I see a key ...
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2 answers

Sending data automatically to a server from a PDF document

Is there any way to send directly data from a PDF document back to a server? I would like to collect data from readers of an ebook, preferably more or less automatically (with their full consent of ...
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How to erase data before selling a Kindle?

I plan to sell my old Kindle Keyboard and I want to erase all the Kindle's data ( my books, my personal info, wi-fi passwords...) before. Is it enough to deregister the Kindle and execute a factory ...
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ePubs, PDFs and security

I get eBooks and literature from a variety of places. Mostly legal places, like Amazon - but sometimes from other random places. PDFs are more popular and come with advanced capabilities, like ...
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2 answers

Security risks when the Kindle(Paperwhite) is plugged into a PC

Are there any security risks to plug a Kindle Paperwhite in a PC (imagine infected with viruses PC)? I mean for both the software of the Kindle and the PC?
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