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Questions tagged [screensaver]

alternate the image displayed on the screen to prevent the 'burning in' of an image

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6 votes
2 answers

Does a screensaver serve any purpose on eink displays?

I have a Hanvon ereader with a first generation Vizplex E-ink display. The device comes with a screensaver, which just loads some pictures after some time. Does this serve a purpose, such as to ...
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1 answer

Can the sleep timeout be adjusted on Kindle devices?

The seemingly fixed screen timeout on all my Kindle devices has never been an issue for normal reading. If it goes off on me it is usually because I fell asleep myself, so one cannot blame a device ...
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7 votes
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Personal screensaver random from a set on Bookeen Cybook Odyssey

In this answer it describes how to set a screensaver image (that shows when the book-reader is switched off/standby). If you deselect the screensaver the Odyssey shows one of series of (5 or so) ...
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