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This tag is for questions about how to publish ebooks or submit them to retailers and distributors

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Does a “one-fits-all” file format exist or should I offer multiple ebook formats?

I want to publish my first e-book, but the multitude of available file formats (PDF, ePUB, MOBI, TXT, etc.) is a bit overwhelming. As a result, I am not really sure which format (if any) would be able ...
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Stretching an image to fit the screen

I am converting a book for use on a Kindle 7. I want certain images to display as large as possible while keeping the original aspect ratio. I can get the images to display properly in EPUB format, ...
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How can I personalize each copy of a PDF to add the reader's name or email address to each page?

To discourage readers from uploading it to public file-sharing sites, I'd like to personalize each copy of a PDF document to embed some identifying information to each page. I'm thinking of something ...
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How do I publish a book permanently free on Amazon

I have tried to publish a book permanently free on Amazon but I couldn't. I have seen many books on Kindle that seems to be permanently free. How do I publish a book on Kindle and keep it free forever?...
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9 votes
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Is there a compelling reason to distribute both '.azw' and '.mobi' files?

I am currently researching what ebook formats I should be targeting. I would like maximum distribution potential with minimum fuss (for both myself and users, with the latter taking priority). I have ...
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Is there a way to publish an eBook, distribute it and the push updates to the distributed eBooks?

If I publish an eBook, distribute it and later I want to edit or add to the information, is there is a way to push those updates to the already distributed copies of the eBook?
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Creating an eBook with GIF animations

I run a technical blog and publish articles regularly that have GIF animations. Examples: one two three. I plan to aggregate a bunch of these articles into an eBook of sorts. I know I could break out ...
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2 answers

Can I share premium ebooks online for free?

I want to make a website on which users can upload their ebooks and share them with other users of the website. But I would like to know if it is possible for a user to buy an ebook online and then ...
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5 answers

Need suggestion on selecting the font type for self-publishing book

I just want to know what sort of fonts are appealing to the users, in book format and also in e-book format? I did the normal internet search and found lots of information, still most of them are ...
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