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Highlighting text in an epub using Sigil and python

This is a follow-up to Programming Sigil for importing annotations The answer there suggests to read the Sigil Plugin Framework documentation. Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to do the ...
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How to OCR tables of contents to proper outputs?

Usually when OCR an table of content the columns are separated by a large space, so the outputs are not properly order. For example, for an table like this: The output would be: The Rank Function ...
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Identify if a PDF document is digital native

Is it possible to know if a given PDF is digital native or has gone through some kind OCR or digitization process. If yes, is it possible to do so programmatically?
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Where to find Programming Ebooks in epub/mobi format? [closed]

From where can I download programming/coding or any book related to computer science. I am trying to have a collection of epub/mobi/azw3 programming/computer science books. Is there any site for that ...
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Are there Perl modules recommended for reading and creating epub files?

Are there any Perl modules that support the full epub format reading and writing? Ideally something that is maintained, so it includes or will include epub 3 compatibility.
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How practical is it to learn to develop apps for e-ink Kindles?

I provide e-ink kindles to schools in Kenya (10 schools so far) where we also help the schools acquire relevant ebooks for teaching the pupils based on curriculum topics. We'd like to develop apps for ...
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