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34 votes
4 answers

What information does my Kindle share with Amazon?

One of my Kindles spends most of it's time in the car. Most books are loaded to it from my PC, via Calibre. I almost never turn the WiFi on because it just burns up the batteries looking for a ...
1 vote
1 answer

kindle users guide requires registration to read?

A newly acquired Kindle running Firmware has a Kindle Users Guide, Third Edition on the home screen. Opening this just leads to "register your kindle." How can I read the manual without ...
6 votes
3 answers

Can Amazon know about the books I upload to my Kindle device?

One user can upload her/his own ebook files onto a Kindle device . I'd want to know if Amazon is able to know what you are uploading on the device or not.
10 votes
2 answers

EPUB 3.0 <dc:identifier>

My question is on the <dc:identifier>. Is the <dc:indentifier> unique and hashed to an IP address or MAC address?