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How to convert documentation site to book for printing

lets say i have a typical documentation website like but locally. It may or may not consist of frames, often a frame with the table of contents and a frame with actual ...
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Can my self published book on Amazon KDP, be distributed via other channels?

Only after self-publishing my book on Amazon KDP, I got to know that they do not provide print book option(i.e. paperback) in major countries where my readers are e.g. India. Mainly they are providing ...
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How can I print an image-only ebook as a physical book?

The Shabara Bhashya is an important text of Hindu philosophy, containing the traditional proof that Hinduism is true, but unfortunately it's out of print. It's in the public domain and available on ...
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Service to nicely print a huge E-textbook? [closed]

I found an awesome textbook for my language studies. It is freely available as a pdf file, a Word document, as well as a browsable website. For me, language study involves taking a lot of notes in my ...
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References in e-books and printed books: Common style for both? If so, which one fits both media?

Preface There are many styles to handle references to other books (or websites) in printed media. The style preference also seems to differ between e.g. science and humanities. In e-books references ...
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is it allowed to print a freely available ebook for own usage

What are the things I should first check if I want to print a freely available ebook on internet for my own usage. I don't mean to just print using a home printer. I want to print it as a proper ...
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Is there any way to get a discounted ebook if I already have the book?

I have a bunch of physical books, and I would like to have ebook versions of some of them. It doesn't seem like I should have to pay the full ebook price. I know about Matchbook, but these aren't ...
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I have a printed version of a book does it allow me to possess an electronic copy?

I have a printed version (i.e. a hardback or paperback) of a book and I wonder whether this allows me to possess an electronic version of it (e.g. .pdf file). Edit: Isn't it allowed by the clause 107....
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Is there any software that facilitates scanning of a paper book into an ebook?

I have some old sci-fi novels that are out of print and the rights owners are not creating them in ebook form. Is there any software that facilitates scanning and conversion of these paper books into ...
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