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Is it possible to convert Pocket articles into epub format?

I'd like to know if there is an easy way to convert Pocket articles to .epub format. For those that don't know Pocket, it is a service that let's you save articles from any website, blog, and so on, ...
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Kobo Pocket stopped working for specific sites

I've been reading some writings on a few different blogs and news sites through the Pocket integration of the Kobo H2O Aura. How the system works is that you add the web page to your list on Pocket, ...
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What determines whether or not I can use Pocket for a page on Kobo Reader? [duplicate]

I recently discovered that I could use Pocket to wirelessly send webpages I wanted to read onto my kobo reader. It is great, because it reformats them nicely into something I can adjust the font-size ...
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