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Questions tagged [pandoc]

pandoc converts files from one markup format into another. It can create EPUB format files from Markdown, PDF files from HTML, and much, much more.

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2 answers

Best way to convert DOCX to EPUB?

Which is best for converting DOCX to EPUB? Pandoc, LibreOffice, or Calibre?
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How to solve the issue of two cover images being created when converting from epub2 to epub3 using pandoc?

Essentially, what happens is that when I convert from epub 2 epub 3 using pandoc by using the following line: pandoc input_file.epub -t epub3 -o documents/input_file.epub I get the version changed ...
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3 answers

Should a person learn DocBook in 2019?

Should I learn pandoc?? I really really really want to write a book (and book-stuff). I have a question. I'm learning (finally) about something "I've been meaning to learn for a long time but hadn'...
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cover size issue with pandoc (markdown to epub) (when viewing on Kobo)

I am using pandoc to create EPUB files from markdown files to read the EPUB on my Kobo. It works well except with the cover which is not displayed at the proper size. Here is the cover image: Here ...
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How to create ePub with title page from LaTeX source using pandoc

I have a book written in LaTeX. I can build an epub output file using pandoc, but I cannot get the epub title page right. The final epub file is missing Title, Author and Date information. $ pandoc ...
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