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Images chopped horizontally on ADE

I have about 20 images in an epub (on various xhtml pages). My prepped epub shows its images (when tested on cell phone): OK on Kobo App [with .kepub.epub extension set] OK on PocketBook eReader OK ...
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How to make a custom Kindle dictionary be case insensitive?

I'm developing a custom Bulgarian Dictionary for Kindle, in .mobi format (source code is here: I've manged to successfully create a working version, ...
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Why does EPUBCheck report warnings and errors for ISO8601 date-time string?

While working on a PHP script that builds EPUB 3.0.1 content from external data, I encountered a situation where EPUBCheck complains about a valid ISO8601 date-time string in two places in the ...
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Is the <guide> still needed in ePub 3?

Suprised I haven't found this when searching the site under the parameters <guide> and when searching IDPF documentation for ePub 3 spec I didn't see an answer. I was curious what does the <...
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Converting pdf with table of content to Kindle format

To convert the pdf using Calbre I use : Click 'Add Books' and add pdfs to library Save To Disk -> Save Only MOBI format to disk -Once saved the folder location of converted file should open. Send ...
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Can an ePub 2.0 contain multiple .opf files?

I've received an ePub with the following structure: Abstract Container: META-INF/ container.xml varience.txt OEBPS/ content.opf Great Expectations.opf cover.html chapters/ ...
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Is it a good idea to minify code when coding ePubs?

I typically minify my .css file because it's something I am used to when developing websites, but I have seen some people actually minify their .xml files (such as the .ncx, .opf, etc.). I have always ...
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EPUB 3.0 <dc:identifier>

My question is on the <dc:identifier>. Is the <dc:indentifier> unique and hashed to an IP address or MAC address?
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