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OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the translation of an image of some text into a character representation (ASCII, Unicode). Use this text for questions related to conversion of image based text to a representation more efficient or usable on Ebooks

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want to convert OCR PDF to computer font

my pdf text is too blurry. so i want to convert it to computer font from scanned image.i already tried increassing quality by adobe/edit/preferences/page display.
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How to OCR tables of contents to proper outputs?

Usually when OCR an table of content the columns are separated by a large space, so the outputs are not properly order. For example, for an table like this: The output would be: The Rank Function ...
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Identify if a PDF document is digital native

Is it possible to know if a given PDF is digital native or has gone through some kind OCR or digitization process. If yes, is it possible to do so programmatically?
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What is the best way to scan paper books to digital ebooks? [duplicate]

To make a long story short, me and my daughter have ALOT of paper books, and we would like to find a app that would let us "scan" the book in a digital format that can be used with my Kindle Fire, so ...
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Standard settings for OCR'ing and compressing a book scan

Is there a set of standard best practices for compressing and adding text recognition to a scan of a book chapter? I'd prefer open source tools, but I'm hoping there is an existing script that ...
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Why "compress images using MRC" is always grey in ABBYY FineReader?

Does anybody using ABBYY FineReader 12 here? I found the "compress images using MRC" in "save" tab and "pdf" subtab is always grey and cannot be selected. What is wrong? According to documentation, ...
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How to skip those hyphens while searching in acrobat

I have two pdf files: original image pdf where the pdf file is just an image of the text ocr pdf produced by OCR, using ABBYY FineReader 11 these are the process i did i have a image pdf then i ...
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what does the v5.0 in the name of an e-book file stand for?

I have seen various e-books on the Internet that have a (v5.0) in the name e.g. Charles Darwin - On the Origin of Species (v5.0).epub Initially I thought this had to with the version 5 of the ...
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How to create DjVu format with selectable text?

DjVu is efficient at compression, but sometimes the text becomes an image and non-selectable. Is there anyway to make sure that the text remains selectable? Which program should I use for this ...