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The nook is the ebook device developed and sold by Barnes & Nobel since 2009. Questions about nook can include device specific problems or features.

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Automatic transfer of annotations in sideloaded book in Nook Android app

I have a couple non-Nook Android devices with the Nook app installed on them -- a tablet and a phone -- and several epub books that I read and annotated on the tablet. I was surprised, when I copied ...
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Epub file not turning pages on nook devices

OK, I'm having a very strange problem with a reflowable epub file I'm creating. It displays fine on most reading systems, but on the Nook, it will not advance pages across chapter breaks. Instead, it ...
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Nook Simple Touch, Zoom On Picture

I have a Nook Simple Touch. One of my .epub files contains an image. The image is pretty small. How do I zoom in on it? (With a Nook Color, I double-tap to zoom, but this doesn't seem to work on ...
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iPhone 14 Nook Orientation Problem

Recently my nook app on my iPhone 14 switched to landscape mode. Normally, you just change the orientation of the phone to change the viewing mode. But it seems stuck there. It is very annoying. ...
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Nook HD+ Keyboard Issue

Currently I am having massive amounts of problems with my Nook. It's a NOOK HD plus BNTV600 I had received from my mother to try and fix. She says that while downloading a new update it had shut down ...
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How can I read local html files on my 1st Edition Nook?

I know that the 1st Edition Nook (OS version 1.7) does not have the capability to read .html files via the ebook reader. However, it seems to be able to read local .html files from the browser. I know ...
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Any way to sync sideloaded books between Android and Nook Touch?

See title ... Is it possible? Not the book itself... The bookmark of which page I'm on.
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Nook read 37 files in ePub as 37 chapters instead of 11 in toc.ncx

Nook read 37 files in my ePub as 37 chapters instead of 11 chapters as set out in toc.ncx (NCX file) -- the ToC as presented by Nook lists filenames for all the chapters that do not have navPoint / ...
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