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What do I need my (ePub) toc.ncx to have?

I am trying to figure out an appropriate toc.ncx that EpubCheck will recognize as correct. Right now I have: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ncx version="2005-1" xmlns="http://www....
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EPUB 2 NCX How Should I Support pageList?

My viewer has support for a TOC populated from NCX navMap entries. However some books I have come across have some pages in the navMap section and some pages only in the pageList section. e.g. <...
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3 votes
2 answers

NCX TOC - Hide the external TOC in EPUB 2?

Is there a way to completely remove or deactivate the external TOC? Would the code be written in the NCX file or elsewhere? If code could be provided that would be helpful as well.
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Nook read 37 files in ePub as 37 chapters instead of 11 in toc.ncx

Nook read 37 files in my ePub as 37 chapters instead of 11 chapters as set out in toc.ncx (NCX file) -- the ToC as presented by Nook lists filenames for all the chapters that do not have navPoint / ...
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Is it a good idea to minify code when coding ePubs?

I typically minify my .css file because it's something I am used to when developing websites, but I have seen some people actually minify their .xml files (such as the .ncx, .opf, etc.). I have always ...
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