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A formatting language featuring a syntax that simplifies the formatting of text, creation of hyperlinks, and insertion of images.

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2 answers

how to convert markdown with sub-markdowns to ebook contain sub-mds: 1. [1 - ]( 1. [2 - ]( 1. [3 - ]( 1. [4 - ]( 1. [5 - ]( 1. [6 - ]( I use calibre command: ebook-convert main.epub But only ...
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1 answer

How to create ePub with title page from LaTeX source using pandoc

I have a book written in LaTeX. I can build an epub output file using pandoc, but I cannot get the epub title page right. The final epub file is missing Title, Author and Date information. $ pandoc ...
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3 votes
1 answer

References in e-books and printed books: Common style for both? If so, which one fits both media?

Preface There are many styles to handle references to other books (or websites) in printed media. The style preference also seems to differ between e.g. science and humanities. In e-books references ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How can I make mathematics look good in ebooks?

I have so far tried using Pandoc to convert Markdown text containing LaTeX math to ePub with MathML. This works, but the resulting math displays quite horribly compared to what the corresponding math ...
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14 votes
5 answers

Format for ebook that contains code

What's a good format for making an ebook that contains code. Is markdown a good option or is there something better available? I may want to convert it to ePub/Mobi and PDF later. Is it a good idea ...
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8 answers

Is Markdown a viable source format for writing ebooks?

I've for some time enjoyed using Markdown to handle straightforward text formatting, image presentation and the like, which I use for keeping notes, or drafting blog content. I'm aware that different ...
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