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GNU/Linux, commonly shortened as Linux, is an open source operating system.

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What will be the Kindle file type replacement for when mobi files are deprecated?

What is the current or preferred file type to convert an epub to for a kindle? Assuming paperwhite, or similar relatively recent model. My kindle has backlight but isn't waterproof like the ...
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How to update the firmware for a K3 Kindle keyboard from Linux?

From Linux, how do I update a K3 Kindle from 3.4 to 3.4.2 version? This is a slightly different question than previous because it's Linux specific. My device is: Kindle Keyboard 3G (Free 3G + Wi-...
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How Does Amazon Kindle Renting work on *buntu/Linux Systems?

I'm interested in renting this textbook ( from Amazon, but I am running a Linux system (Kubuntu 18.04.01). How does renting ...
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Notes for sideloaded material?

I see Indeed. I forgot to mention that it doesn’t work on sideloaded content, or even stuff that you’ve sent to your Kindle through Amazon. You can get Page Flip to work with sideloaded content, ...
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E-reader that syncs progress across Linux and Android?

I've found some e-readers that support Linux and Android such as FBReader, but are there any that can sync progress across the two?
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Is there a eReader app for Android, Windows and Linux?

Is there an eReader application that runs under Windows, Android and Linux flavors? Someone just gave me a tablet but I also use MS Windows and Linux Mint. I could wade into searching online but I ...
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Command line extraction of metadata (title. author) from epub file

I would like to use a command line program to extract the title of a book (possibly also other metadata) from its epub file and return it as a string. I am using Linux, but my guess is that the ...
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How to create ePub with title page from LaTeX source using pandoc

I have a book written in LaTeX. I can build an epub output file using pandoc, but I cannot get the epub title page right. The final epub file is missing Title, Author and Date information. $ pandoc ...
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google ebooks from linux to ereader

I am considering a ereader (nook) where I can read my ebooks downloaded from google-play books. Only problem is when I download .epub from Google Play Store, I actually get an .acsm file, not .epub, ...
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How to prevent Calibre replacing my cover image

I am trying to add an image as a cover of my ebook in "edit book" mode, so I choose "Add cover" from "Tools" menu, add my image and for a moment it seems to work, however very quickly the image is ...
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How can I extract all the pictures from an ebook?

I read most of my books in txt format. I use Calibre to convert them to that format. While it works great for books that are mostly text, some ebooks which contain pictures can be very confusing when ...
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Is there a Linux distro geared to ebook users? [closed]

Is there a Linux distro that includes specialized tools for ebook authors and readers?
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Are there good ebook management tools available for free?

I have a collection of e-books and I am looking for a way to manage it from my operating system. What are the programs to manage e-books available for free? I use both Linux and Windows OS, can you ...
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Finding the home screen's most recent books on Linux

Sony PRS-650 shows the three most recent books on its home screen. How can I modify this top three and how can I list the current ones when the device is connected to a PC running Linux?
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How can I keep a large number of EPUB files, managed in calibre, "polished"

As described in this answer, you can manually polish EPUB files so they are updated with the metadata you added or changed in calibre, without converting the EPUB files. At least on Linux there is a ...
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How to repack an epub file from command line

I unzipped an epub file to make some minor modifications. How can I repack it properly to be a valid epub file from command line on Linux?
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