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Questions tagged [libreoffice]

LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite, developed by The Document Foundation.

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Formulas are not displayed properly

I usually create summaries of my university stuff with Open Office. I then export it as ODT and convert it to MOBI with Calibre in order to read it on my Kindle 4. The problem is, my created formulas ...
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Create chapters with Office

I usually create summaries of my university stuff with Open Office (in DIN A5 page format) and export it as a PDF. This file I then just send to my Kindle 4 and the document is ready to be read. Now ...
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How to use a macro or Find/Replace to make ToC link targets into links themselves pointing back to the ToC in Libreoffice?

I am exporting a very large document (1400+ pages) to ebook, and have already worked out the Table of Contents (ToC) as hyperlinks to all the chapters and sections, and the hyperlinks work fine after ...
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Best way to convert DOCX to EPUB?

Which is best for converting DOCX to EPUB? Pandoc, LibreOffice, or Calibre?
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