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Questions about laws, generally specific to a country or area. Some questions about law or its interpretation may be out of scope for this site.

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Anonymous publishing

I am writing a book of short stories. I am planning to self-publish the stories as an e-book but would like to keep my anonymity - I will use a pseudonym. Obviously, I would like to sell the e-book ...
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Can I legally remove DRM from ebooks I have purchased if I live in Canada?

I live in Canada, and I currently use a Sony Reader. My family keeps giving me Chapters/Indigo gift cards to buy books with, which used to be great when I had a Kobo reader and could get ebooks that ...
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Is there a guide for copyright for countries other than the US?

I've seen some questions that deal with copyright issues and it is clear that this is an international group and we could all benefit from having access to info about copyright as it relates to our ...
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As a US citizen is it illegal to access an ebook from a country where it is PD, if it is not PD in the US?

I am looking for US laws specifically identifying this scenario, I am not looking for interpretation of the law. I am looking for law relating to personal use/reading only. I stumbled across Planet ...
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What is the difference between giving away my only print copy or my only electronic copy of a book?

The question If a book doesn't have DRM does that mean it is OK to give a copy to my friend to read? has answers implying that without permission there are legal and ethical hurdles in giving away ...
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Selling ebooks of school textbooks

I have a scan machine at my home so i have scanned a lot of school textbooks to create ebooks. I am wondering if it possible for someone to buy an ebook from me in this manner and for it to be legal. ...
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is it allowed to print a freely available ebook for own usage

What are the things I should first check if I want to print a freely available ebook on internet for my own usage. I don't mean to just print using a home printer. I want to print it as a proper ...
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Legality of read-it-later services, most specifically Send to Kindle

I just got a Kindle, and the send-to-kindle applications look very appealing. I'm wondering about the legality of these read-it-later services. I know that some websites have terms saying that the ...
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Are DRM location sensitive?

It is quite frequent that a book available for sale in North America is not available in Europe, and conversely. However, it is quite legal to buy a book on one continent and to carry it with you when ...
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How can I verify that the statistics provided by an DIY publisher are accurate?

We want to publish an (e)book through an DIY publishing company. (We haven't choose one yet). How can we verify/be sure/cross-check that sell statistics of the publisher is accurate? For example, we ...
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Can I use books from (legally) for my learning purpose?

My title says it all. Since I found many books too pricey, but I found some of them available free of cost on can I use them for my learning purpose legally?
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