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How do I remove tiles from the Kobo home screen?

With the newest update to my Kobo Glo, instead of the old tiles where I could just long press on something and get an option to remove it, I can't seem to do that anymore. There's this "Take a Quick ...
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3 votes
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How can I stop my Kobo Glo from selecting a book for me?

When I have finished a book but not started a new one, and then my ereader goes to sleep, it opens a new book (seemingly at random) so it has a cover to display on the sleeping screen (as I have ...
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On a Kobo Glo how do you change the desktop/screen saver?

I have recommended books from Kobo on the screen saver/desktop and I want to delete it as well as a few other things. Is there a 'manage your desktop' facility?
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