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A specific eReader device designed and marketed by Amazon.

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Kindle - single gesture / action to go "back"

With touch screen E Ink Kindle devices, is there some way to trigger the back button / action without having to tap twice (i.e. once to trigger the top menu and then again to press the back button)? ...
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1 answer

Zoom problem in Kindle with .MOBI converted from PDF

I have a Kindle Touch (Kindle (7th Generation)). I have converted a PDF into .MOBI format using PDF converter tools, such as kdpdfopt with all these options set: -mode fp -n- -c -ocr t -h 6.7in -w 4....
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what 's the alternative to paperwhite in my old kindle?

I have bought Kindle touch 3g two years ago, it's a great device and I'm happy when reading books on it. But I have a set of questions: I read at night a lot so I miss the built in light and I have ...
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12 votes
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Two kindles bricked, can there be a common cause?

I used to have a Kindle 3 (keyboard). After almost 3 years of honourable service, it started getting stuck more and more, until reset wasn't solving anything anymore. The very helpful Amazon customer ...
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7 votes
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Unbrick Kindle Touch

My KT stopped working all of a sudden and will no longer turn on. I have tried the holding down the power button trick numerous times and charged it for over 24 hours but there is still no response. I ...
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How can I reset the reading speed data on a Kindle?

I'd like to test the theory that the Kindle Touch/Paperwhite ignores long pauses between page reads when learning your reading speed for a particular book. But experimenting is complicated by having ...
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34 votes
2 answers

How does the Kindle's reading rate algorithm work?

One of the Kindle Touch updates included a "Time-to-Read" feature. It seems to be based loosely on how fast I turn the page. I usually turn back to the cover when I start reading a new book and flip ...
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