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Ebook epub3 on Kindle Reader iOS iPhone is overriding CSS with ugly indented formatting?

I have an epub I've hand coded that looks great in Kindle Previewer, iBooks, and Kindle Reader for iPad, and physical Kindles. However, on iPhone, it is gettting rid of the CSS formatting I've ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Basic CSS not working in Kindle iOS App

I have some really simple CSS styles that work fine in the Kindle preview software, and on my actual Kindle Paperwhite, but when I send it to my iPad/iPhone and use the Amazon Kindle App, they don't ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Is there a detailed guide for creating an ebook for Kindle in HTML/CSS

I want to be able to create an ebook on my own for Kindle. I want to do this in HTML, and then later use KindleGen and KindlePreviewer for generating a .mobi file and previewing. I've looked around ...
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2 answers

Can Kindle previewer preview older Kindles?

Can Kindle previewer (from Amazon) preview what a document will look like on older Kindles? Kindle previewer can preview Kindle: Paperwhite Touch fire Kindle for PC or Mac All other Kindle apps ...
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