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How to generate Kindle AZK on the command line from mobi/epub?

I'm trying to generate an AZK file from the command line. I need an AZK file because I need to test my Kindle books on iOS devices. These books are in Japanese, which currently is not supported for ...
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1 vote
0 answers

iOS app to read books from Calibre library store in iCloud drive

I'm looking for an app (or apps), which can access and use Calibre library, stored in iCloud. It was pretty easy to set up Calibre on both macOS and Windows to simply load the library from a ...
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1 answer

Best PDF app reader for iPad that emulates the paper book experience

Good day. I've used before PDF Expert by Readdle. But I really dislike seeing the gray spaces where the PDF ends and doesn't fit the entire screen. Now, I know that this is not "possible" per se, ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Audio ebook not working in iBooks

I have created an ebook via the Moby Dick epub example here: I can open the ebook using iBooks (1.14) on Mac (High Sierra 10.13.4), but I can't get it to play ...
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2 answers

Where can I find a list of the limitations of iOS KF8 (Kindle format on iOS)?

Apparently, Kindle devices/the Windows/Mac apps, and Android all support KF8 more or less completely, but on iOS, an AFK file is used that does not support all KF8 features (discussion here). Is ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to sync non Amazon books from the iPad Kindle app to a PC or Mac

I purchased a Kindle book from a 3rd party publisher on my iPad. I've read it, highlighted it, etc. and really want to transfer it to Amazon Cloud so it is available on my other devices. The "share" ...
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1 answer

Do any CSS media queries work for Kindle ios app?

In section 8.1.4 of the Kindle Formatting Guide, it provides an example of a css media query to target ipad devices. It looks like this: @media (device-width: 768px) {} But the example is unclear; ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Why I can't buy books from Kindle Store using Kindle app on iPad?

It's really surprising to me to see why it is not easy to buy a book using the Kindle reader app on iPad. It has only provision to download the samples but there is no option to buy a complete book. ...
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