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Adobe InDesign is a software tool for page layout and typesetting for print, ebooks, and tablets.

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Indesign -> Kindlegen -> Kindle flattens TOC?

I'd like 4 levels of hierarchy in my Kindle navigational TOC (aka "logical TOC" in Kindle Publishing Guidelines terminology), but when I do this: 1. InDesign CC → File → Export → (choose my nested ...
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How do I preserve named text anchors in EPUB export from InDesign?

Overview: I'm trying to export an index for an ebook using Ole Kvern's scripting tools, linked to the paragraph level instead of page numbers. The index was created outside of Indesign, in Macrex ...
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Referencing cover, title, and dedication pages in ePub navigational TOC

I am preparing a book for ePub conversion in Indesign CC 2014. I have noticed almost all professional ePub eBooks have their TOCs reference every single page starting with the cover page. In print, ...
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How to remove extraneous page numbers from ePub TOC

I've created this epub file as an export from an Indesign file, and it's got two problems that I can see immediately: The ToC includes page numbers after the chapter titles, even though I've created ...
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Internal Links Between InDesign Documents Don't Work

First, a little background: I created a series of documents, each one representing a chapter in my book. Then I created a book and imported all the documents into it. It seems to be working OK; when I ...
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InDesign EPUB omitting page 1 in iBook thumbnails

I create an InDesign document which I am exporting as a Fixed layout EPUB. When viewing in iBooks, page 1 (first page of the book itself, I'm not talking about the separate cover file) does not show ...
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Google Play Books enhanced with video not working

I am developing an enhanced ebook for Google Play Books in fixed layout epub. I am using Adobe Indesign to develop this ebook. I am having great difficulty adding videos in my ebook. I have exhausted ...
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Creating books for CreateSpace in InDesign

I'm working on some code to (amongst other tasks) help export an indesign document to a PDF suitable for CreateSpace submission. I've been looking around for the answers to my questions online, but ...
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