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Questions tagged [independent-publishing]

Publishing without the use of an established publishing house. May or may not include independent editing.

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2 answers

Can my self published book on Amazon KDP, be distributed via other channels?

Only after self-publishing my book on Amazon KDP, I got to know that they do not provide print book option(i.e. paperback) in major countries where my readers are e.g. India. Mainly they are providing ...
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How do I know how many pages my manuscript will make in kindle ebook format?

I am planning to write a book. I will be using LibreOffice writer for that. After completing the work I will make a pdf file and import it in kindle. But what I want to know before hand is the number ...
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1 answer

How to distribute self-published pdf widely as we know from eBooks in epub format?

When selfpublishing you either submit your creation as epub OR it's converted into epub by a distributor, a dedicated publishing company, who finally distrubutes it to online shops like amazon, book ...
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How to tell whether a Google Play eBook is bootlegged/pirated?

How can I tell if a Google Play Book is legit, i.e. submitted or sold by the author, publisher, or party with permission, and not a malware linking/containing or deliberately misleadingly edited ...
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5 votes
3 answers

List of places to publish free ebook in PDF format

I wrote a mathematics textbook (high-school level), in PDF format. It is free and I just want it to be as widely-distributed as possible. Converting it to any other format makes it awful. (It's ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Amazon eBook Self-Publishing vs Major Publishing Houses

Quick question for anyone who has some insight... Do the major publishing houses have a different process for publishing ebooks through Amazon than "independent" publishers? I get the feeling that, ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How is an ebook made? What kind of software and hardware are used? [closed]

What is the process that is needed in order to make an ebook? I'm an student from the International Baccalaureate and I need to analyse a case study.
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2 votes
0 answers

Any advantage of ISBN for self-pulished e-books? [duplicate]

I would like to self-publish an e-book, preferably not using any third-party site (Amazon or Apple). As I understand from previous discussions here, I do not require to use ISBN. Which is good, ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Under what conditions should I apply for ISBN numbers for digital works?

An organization I work with has a few (non English) original works that I will be helping them to publish online and in eBook format. We do hold the publishing rights for these as they are basically ...
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What was the average income from ebooks for independent authors in 2013?

Ebooks have been a boon to independent authors, providing a path to audiences, unmatched in the history of publishing. The field is rather new, and currently there is not even Wikipedia page ...
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