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How do I preserve named text anchors in EPUB export from InDesign?

Overview: I'm trying to export an index for an ebook using Ole Kvern's scripting tools, linked to the paragraph level instead of page numbers. The index was created outside of Indesign, in Macrex ...
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How to use a macro or Find/Replace to make ToC link targets into links themselves pointing back to the ToC in Libreoffice?

I am exporting a very large document (1400+ pages) to ebook, and have already worked out the Table of Contents (ToC) as hyperlinks to all the chapters and sections, and the hyperlinks work fine after ...
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How to make the entries of an existing table of contents clickable as link to the corresponding pages?

I have many eBooks as PDF from SpringerLink, which I use for research purposes. The eBooks have indeed a table of contents (with more than 50 entries sometimes), but unfortunately it is not clickable. ...
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Disable clicking links on Kindle books

I have a Kindle Paperwhite. Frequently when reading technical books (i.e. Docker for Rails Developers, I tap to go to the next page, but accidentally click a hyperlink in the content, which jumps me ...
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Return links for Table of Contents list and in-book headings

I'm using Notepad++ to format my first novel in HTML before converting it to MOBI and/or ePUB. I've done the code to make the items on my Table of Contents into live links and they all take me to ...
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Links between e-book files in the same folder

Which e-book file format (EPUB, PDF, DjVu, XPS, CBT, CBZ, FB2, PDB, HTML, DOC, MOBI, etc.) allows inserting a hyperlink to another e-book file in the same folder in an e-book reader? I want to make an ...
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