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Formatting word for kindle

I've written a book and uploaded it to Kindle. I have two books available already and formatted them without issue. This time, Kindle Preview looked fine. When the book went live, I checked it on my ...
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Ebook epub3 on Kindle Reader iOS iPhone is overriding CSS with ugly indented formatting?

I have an epub I've hand coded that looks great in Kindle Previewer, iBooks, and Kindle Reader for iPad, and physical Kindles. However, on iPhone, it is gettting rid of the CSS formatting I've ...
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Can you typeset documents in a universal markup language?

I was recently thinking about preparing a document, and if I could structure the information of that document in the most universal way possible. Ideally, document elements should be tagged as what ...
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Code block formatting in KDP

I am planning to create an ebook and publish on Amazon (kdp) format. However,When I converted my rough copy to kdp . The code formatting was not up to the mark . What is the best way to include code ...
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Return links for Table of Contents list and in-book headings

I'm using Notepad++ to format my first novel in HTML before converting it to MOBI and/or ePUB. I've done the code to make the items on my Table of Contents into live links and they all take me to ...
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How to make a ToC with partial links

For KDP, I want to create a table of contents with links for chapters (header 1) only but no links for subtitles (header 2) within chapters. The purpose is to shorten the table of contents, as I have ...
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Extending images to edges of screen (bleed) with CSS to Kindle

Kindle Create has a new feature called "image bleed". It extends an image past the left and right margins by placing it on the edge. I'm wondering how to reproduce it, is there a way to ...
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Convert fixed layout azw3 file, to pdf first or other formats if not possible, with all formatting intact

I have an azw3 as described above. It can be converted into epub, using the extension from Calibre "Kindle Unpack", but there are no paragraphs, meaning that the all the words in the txt ...
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EPUB 3 CSS stylesheet ignored in some cases?

I created a MOBI file using Kindlegen. I fed the MOBI file to Calibre and converted it to an EPUB. If I view the HTML files I used to create the MOBI file, they look great. All formatting is picked ...
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