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Uploading plain .txt to Kindle: marking bold, underline, and italics?

I have discovered through trial and error that plaintext (e.g., .txt) files sent to Kindle have at least some support for markup. I'm note sure where it happens, but if I email a plaintext file to my ...
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want to convert OCR PDF to computer font

my pdf text is too blurry. so i want to convert it to computer font from scanned image.i already tried increassing quality by adobe/edit/preferences/page display.
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Kindle Touch 4th Generation does not render published font correctly

I am using Calibre to create an ebook in Urdu language. The language is written from right to left. The whole book is in Unicode and uses UTF-8 encoding. If I open the book in TextEdit on Mac. Mac own ...
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How can I set a default font family in Kobo Aura H2O?

It is not that I need any extra font in my Kobo Aura H2O, because I have added several extra fonts into /fonts directory in my device. I want —if possible— to change the family font (one that ...
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How to change the font(s) used on a pdf, or improve how they are rendered?

I have an eBook (received from a university where I studied a couple of years back) that has a rather thin font. The text looks as shown in below image. This eBook was not published by the university ...
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What happens if I have used 2 different fonts in mobi/epub and user changes the font in the devise?

What happens if I have used 2 different fonts in my content for mobi/epub and user changes the font in the devise,like in kindle? does both the fonts change? if yes, is there any way to protect the ...
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Exporting epub fixed layout

Im trying to export an epub 3.0 from indesign as fixed layout but when I do it, the layout and typefaces are actually changing,.. anybody knows how could I fix this problem... I'm new and about to ...
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How to perfectly convert and read malayalam ebooks on kindle?

I've heard that people read malayalam (മലയാളം) ebooks on kindle. Not the images placed in a PDF file. The file which we can read like normal ebook format (controlling the fontsize mainly). I tried ...
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Epub 2.O: font in ul, ol lists is smaller than regular font

I'm formatting an ebook that has taught me many things ... usually after a fair bit of angst, consultation of manuals, online sleuthing, and experimentation. (This is a complicated non-fiction book, ...
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Convert a Spanish pdf into kindle format

To convert my .PDFs into Kindle format I just email my Kindle account. I tried one that was in Spanish and words like matemática appear as mate´matica, which is uncomfortable to read. Is there some ...
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How can I left justify text on my Kindle?

I can't stand reading full-justified text, yet none of my Kindles seem to give me anything else! They all attempt to justify text even when the font size is too large and causes huge gaps between ...
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Do non-Windows devices have equivalent of ClearType for ebook font rendering?

Cleartype is Microsoft's subpixel rendering technology for improving text clarity. I recall it being used as a selling point for MS Reader and .lit format back when it was introduced. Are similar ...
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