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Replacing image in EPUB causes page order to change

I have a fixed-layout EPUB. Each page is a PNG. The <manifest> is structured like: <item id="page_1" href="page_1.xhtml" media-type="application/xhtml+xml" /> ...
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Convert fixed layout azw3 file, to pdf first or other formats if not possible, with all formatting intact

I have an azw3 as described above. It can be converted into epub, using the extension from Calibre "Kindle Unpack", but there are no paragraphs, meaning that the all the words in the txt ...
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Does ipad (ibooks) supports mixed layout epubs (reflowable with some fixed pages)

I want few pages in my reflowable epub (pages having complex tables which span to two pages in PDF) as fixed layout. As per IDPF standard, I have added rendition property for those pages in spine as ...
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How to make a fixed layout epub file from an MS Word document?

We tried Adobe InDesign. We imported the docx file into InDesign (via Place), but InDesign hangs (freezes; not responding) on exporting to EPub Fixed Layout. No error message is shown, what could be ...
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problem tables in epub

I have to create an epub where there are many tables. I am attaching the screen of how badly you see the tables on a cell phone. there is some solution to make the tables fit the type of mobile or ...
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Fixed Layout vs Reflowable For A Puzzle e-Book

I am putting together a puzzle book. In fact, I have been able to get the book organized into a valid .epub format. However, when I go to view the book on Amazon's Kindle Preview, the layout is less ...
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Preserving Layout of Original File

fairly new to Ebooks and publishing in general. I am attempting to publish a poetry collection. Unfortunately, I've been wracking my brain over how to preserve the formatting of my source file (.odt) ...
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Epub read-along, Highlighting is not working

My fixed-layout read-along book is validated finally. I tested it on the Ipad. Everything looks fine, The audio is working fine. However, there is no word highlighting. I put this code in the CSS ...
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Kindle Devices Which Support Two Page Layout

Which kindle devices, exactly, support two page layout spreads and which do not?
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Keeping lines together in ePub

I want to publish my book as an epub to Google Play Books. It contains multiple choice questions in the first half of the book, followed by the same questions with the answers highlighted and ...
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Should a title have two ISBNs if one is fixed ePub and one is free flowing ePub

Just curious to know if a fixed layout ePub and a free flowing ePub, of the same title and contents, would have to have their own ISBNs based on the different structure type or can a single ISBN be ...
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