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A file-format is the specific way of ordering and grouping of information in a (computer) file.

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Can readers display books "by the page"

Most readers I've encountered show their book contents as text, ie. as a continuous stream, instead of the "page view" you find in physical books or PDF. the "next page" button brings you not to "one ...
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SD Cards with Unusual File Types

Background: My dad died last year and I inherited sd cards (not micro) in plastic cases. These cards have several directories that all end in .RES Each directory has about 30 files in it. Two of the ...
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How to open CBR comic books on PocketBook?

Currently, PocketBook does not support the comic books CBR file format. Is there any way to open them without prior extracting and converting it on PC?
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Is it possible to protect a certain e-book file with password on PocketBook?

Is it possible to set password to a ceratin e-book file on PocketBook? For instance, will it read a password protected archive?
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Code block formatting in KDP

I am planning to create an ebook and publish on Amazon (kdp) format. However,When I converted my rough copy to kdp . The code formatting was not up to the mark . What is the best way to include code ...
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Convert mathml formulas to PNG or SVG

My ereader does not support mathml formulas. How can I convert all the formulas inside an epub to PNG (or SVG)? I'm fine with scripts, so it doesn't need to be a software solution.
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Replace existing EPUB-files on Kobo with KEPUB-files

I bought many different epubs over the years and transfered them to my KOBO (h2o) using Calibre. With the latest update there is a new feature (fast scroll) which I'd love to use on my Kobo. ...
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What are the negatives of linking a Kindle to an account?

What are the cons to register a Kindle with an Amazon account? Not so much whether a Kindle is usable, nor whether account is required but, once account is linked to a device, what then are the ...
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How to upload my Malayalam book in Kindle?

I have published books in Malayalam language through Creative Space. Now I know that kindle is accepting Malayalam language books and when I try to upload the files (as per KDP they need docx file),...