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Questions tagged [epub-reader]

ePub Reader for Windows is a Windows utility that allows viewing ePub files or converting ePub documents to pdf files.

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Is there any best reader in all devices?

I have been using readera, xodo & kindle in my mobile for reading epub, mobi. Usually I read pdfs through default pdf Acrobat in the mobile. Also I'm using Ms edge for pdf, ice cream for epub ...
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JPG continues to appear in subsequent pages

I have tables I converted to jpg inserted into the MS Word file of a book to be published. After converting to epub with Calibre, I noticed the jpgs continue to show in the background in pages after ...
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Which FREE ebook readers for Windows allow two-column view and left justification?

Which ebook readers for Windows allow two-column view and left justification? Calibre and Sumantra allow two-column view but not left justification. I find left-justified text faster to read. This is ...
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Are dictionaries supported in epub 3.1?

Are dictionaries, as described here: covered in epub 3.1? Which readers support them? Are there any working examples of epub documents using dictionaries?
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Audio ebook not working in iBooks

I have created an ebook via the Moby Dick epub example here: I can open the ebook using iBooks (1.14) on Mac (High Sierra 10.13.4), but I can't get it to play ...
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Is EPUB ready for most phones?

Would a person who doesn't know anything about technology be able to read an EPUB file without having to install any app? The phone might be in Android or iOS. I suspect the answer is no, because I ...
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Calibre for metadata scraping

I'm looking for a way to do a very specific task in Calibre but maybe it's not the right software. I know there are plugins/functionality to automatically collect metadata for existing ebooks and to ...
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How do I permanently change the font size in HAN Software's ePub Reader?

I know I can easily zoom in or zoom out in HAN Software's ePub Reader but if I do this, whenever I re-open my ePub, I have to zoom in again. Is there a way I can set a static font size for ePub ...
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