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Questions tagged [ebook-management]

The process of storing and organizing a collection of ebooks. Specialized software supports the management of an ebook collection.

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How can I rename my Kindle books?

This is a bit pedantic, but I don't like how certain books appear on my Kindle. The names are great when you're searching for products on Amazon, but they're unwieldy and annoying when navigating your ...
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Any way to identify source of traffic on Amazon KDP?

Given a kindle book published on Amazon KDP, is there a way to find out from where traffic or sales came from? For example, I might add links pointing to my book on my website, or on social media, on ...
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Fixed Layout vs Reflowable For A Puzzle e-Book

I am putting together a puzzle book. In fact, I have been able to get the book organized into a valid .epub format. However, when I go to view the book on Amazon's Kindle Preview, the layout is less ...
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Share kindle books with family on android?

My child has an Android phone. I have created an Amazon household account and created a child profile. I have added books to his profile. My question is how can my child read these books on the ...
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How can I convert thousands of .xml files to an eBook format with nice formatting?

I have a folder filled with 4chan threads, each thread can contain any number of comments. I want to create readable files for my Kindle, with multiple threads per book, with each thread clearly ...
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How do I filter out read items in a collection in Kindle?

I read a lot of short material on my Kindle Oasis, which I add to a collection to remember reading them later. I want a way to get rid of read items in this collection.
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Android reader that will ignore PDFs, use my directory structure?

I have an Android tablet (ASUS) that I use for reading PDF files (mostly scientific papers) using Adobe Reader. It works well for that, and I have a thousand or so papers on it, indexed in my own ...
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Where does Kindle Cloud Reader keeps downloaded books, under Linux?

I'm a Linux Mint user and I use the Kindle Cloud Reader app for Google Chrome to read ebooks linked to my Amazon account. I'd like to know where does this app, on my computer, stores the ebooks that ...
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Is there a way to sync or update Wattpad reading progress on Goodreads?

Can the Wattpad reading progress be synced on Goodreads? If not officially, I would be interested also in a workaround, since Wattpad does not have page numbers for doing so. It updates the progress ...
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Accessing uploads offline on my computer

I use Google Play Books to manage my ebooks. I have installed the Play Books app as recommended on to access them offline, but when I ...
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Looking for International Platforms for Self-Publishing Technical Books

I am a technical book author looking to sell my work internationally. I have been publishing my technical books on a platform called 'Zenn'( in Japan, and I am wondering ...
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