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To copy a file from a computer or server to a computer, ereader, phone, or other electronic device.

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Is there any way to setup a Kindle with a broken screen?

My old Kindle 4 has a totally broken and unresponsive screen for past two years. I can see about 50% of what is actually displayed, the remaining part is completely scrambled. About 1,5 year ago I ...
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I bought a eBook yesterday on Google Play, but can't export it as .epub neither .pdf

It's the first time this happens. Usually I can download all books bought on Google Play in .pdf format at least. This time I can't even see the option to download as usual:
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How to use Malayalam dictionary on kindle

I would like to use Malayalam dictionary on my kindle pw. I downloaded a Malayalam dictionary named "English-Malayalam dictionary by Gijo Varkey". I tried all formats of the dictionary viz ...
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