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DjVu is an open file format designed primarily for scanned documents.

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Creating DjVu files similar to those used to make unfortunately no longer generates DjVu files, but how did they generate them when they did? How can I generate my own DjVu files, replicating the settings they use: FORM:DJVU [81493] ...
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How to edit the bookmarks of a DjVu file

I know how to add bookmarks into a DjVu file: How insert the outline (the bookmarks) into DjVu But ...
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Adding metadata to DjVu

How can I add metadata to a DjVu file? Desired result: $ exiftool sample.djvu | grep -P "^===|Title|Author" Title : Group Theory and Physics Author ...
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Redefining "Page 1" in a djvu or pdf document

For context, I'm a graduate student and I rely on the indexes of digitized books pretty heavily. It is annoying that the page numbers in djvu/pdf files almost always fail to align with those of the ...
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How can I read my djvu books on kobo aura one

It prompts me: no rendering component parsed this document, when I read my djvu books in kobo aura one. Oh, I installed koreader in kobo aura one.I think I should move a file to kobo aura one, but I ...
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Good ereader for hand-written notes

I need an e-ink screen I can look at all day without getting my eyes sore (no more than I would on a book, at least). I need it to study, so I'm about to read PDFs and DJVUs, consisting of scanned ...
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Duplicate pages in djvu without significant file size grow

I have a multipage djvu document with several pages which in fact are same. These are usually pages "for notes" at the end of document. Or empty pages without content between chapters. They are all ...
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