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Questions tagged [conversion]

The creation of an e-book file from another file in a different format or vice-versa.

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47 votes
8 answers

Is there any software that facilitates scanning of a paper book into an ebook?

I have some old sci-fi novels that are out of print and the rights owners are not creating them in ebook form. Is there any software that facilitates scanning and conversion of these paper books into ...
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69 votes
7 answers

How can I convert an HTML site into an ebook?

I'd like to create a .mobi file from a website like the Python Tutorial, to read on my Kindle. Is it possible to do it on Ubuntu?
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37 votes
6 answers

Clean up converted ebook

I have some ebooks which are converted from other formats to ePub. Some are ill-formatted: there are hard line breaks in words and orphaned page numbers between paragraphs. Example: How can I repair ...
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7 answers

How do I convert a Word document into a page by page Kindle ebook?

I downloaded a very important document in .docx format (Microsoft Office Word format). Is there a way to convert it to an ebook page by page to read on a Kindle?
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10 votes
3 answers

Convert Blog to book

I prefer reading technical blogs in Kindle, is there an easy way to convert a technical blog from any site – MSDN blog or personal sites – to a e-book format like .mobi? I am aware of http://...
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4 answers

How convert multi-column PDF files to readable PDF in 6 inches display devices?

What is the best way to convert multi-column PDF file into readable format in a 6 inch display devices like kindle?
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7 votes
2 answers

how to convert djvu files to some files?

I want convert a djvu file to six pages, for example, how to convert a file with 504 pages to 84 files with 6 pages?
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0 answers

e-mail azw to Kindle Personal Documents Service?

To convert epub to the azw format I've tried an online conversion tool and then sending the generated file to myself as an attachment. So far this doesn't seem work so well. Yet sending mobi files ...
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14 votes
3 answers

How to create DjVu format with selectable text?

DjVu is efficient at compression, but sometimes the text becomes an image and non-selectable. Is there anyway to make sure that the text remains selectable? Which program should I use for this ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to change text alignment with Calibre book editor

I have a book in .epub format (I will be converting it into .mobi after), and I need to change the text alignment to left everywhere. I am aware of the text alignment feature in the book editor but ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Known Issues with Amazon's Converter

What are the known issues with converting various document types to ebooks with Kindle's online or offline converters? I am not asking for a technical run-down of all of the things that could go wrong ...
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1 answer

How to send web pages to a Kindle from Firefox?

I'm looking to send web pages to a Kindle from Firefox, so am looking at: Unlike Calibre, there's no convenient share button. There is an upload button for "the ...
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