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A chapter is a division in a book or an ebook, generally considered significant enough to be listed in a table of contents.

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Dot inserted on EPUB doc with Calibre

I am converting an Open Office Doc into EPUB with Calibre and everything works great, except in front of every Chapter Heading in the body of the doc, Calibre adds a single dot. I am using the tag &...
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What is the correct way to apply Structural Semantic Vocabulary over multiple content documents?

I'm manually converting a book from HTML to ePub. The book is an anthology of works: a work of three volumes with each volume comprising several chapters. I'd like to use the Structural Semantic ...
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Copy Chapter Numbers And Titles from TOC to Individual Chapters

All of the chapters in my EPUB contain only the text of the chapter and do not have the chapter number or the chapter title at the beginning of the body. The Table of Contents file, (nav.xhtml) has ...
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How to get book texts difference of two editions of ebook, to read only changes?

I got an ebook and have read it, then found there exists new edition if it, got it too, and not surprisingly found it shares much of text with previous edition. Although there exist some changes too, ...
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How to split an EPUB into multiple files of one chapter?

An EPUB book has multiple chapters. What method to split it into multiple files, each of them consist one chapter, effectively?
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Create chapters with Office

I usually create summaries of my university stuff with Open Office (in DIN A5 page format) and export it as a PDF. This file I then just send to my Kindle 4 and the document is ready to be read. Now ...
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How can I read notes alongside with text in Kindle readers?

I was given a Kindle e-reader a couple of years ago and, after some hesitation, I've become addicted to it, so that now I have scores and scores of books on my device. Lately I've downloaded a few ...
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How to create clickable table of contents in a PDF?

I have many technical PDF ebooks where there are no chapters (no clickable table of contents or other means for quick navigation through a document) and therefore it's really painful to search for ...
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