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Portable or integrated power source for a device.

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How much of the power does the screen of e-Ink device consume?

On Android smartphones, when you look into Power settings, it shows a neat usage graph, which usually looks like this (my phone has very similar #s right now): ================ 40%+ Screen ==== 10% ...
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Is it better to shut down my Kindle Fire or just put it to sleep?

When is it better for me to shut down my Kindle Fire vs. putting it to sleep? Does putting it in sleep mode drain the battery?
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Kindle Touch Battery Replacement

Can I replace the internal battery of my Kindle Touch. How do I go about this? What battery does it use? Where can I find a replacement?
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How do I override the power cycling when the battery gets below 5%?

I know that I probably shouldn't let the battery run so low on my Kindle Fire, but occasionally I have let it dip below 5%. Once this happens, the device no longer let's me trickle charge, and it ...
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Kindle (classic) power consumption when reading PDF vs. MOBI

I'm reading mostly PDFs on my Kindle Classic (e-ink) device. Most of my e-books are PDFs, and after converting them, I've find out it's easier for me to read original PDF than converted version. ...
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Kindle (2nd gen) battery can't hold power

I bought a Kindle some years ago. At first I used it a lot, then I left it unused. I would like to use it again: only trouble is that the battery can't mantain the charge. This is not surprising, it's ...
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How to (easily) get the back cover off a $35 Polaroid PER7021 e-reader?

I have an e-reader I picked up at Big Lots for $35 and it's a great machine, aside from two problems: It eats through batteries when turned off. The battery cover doesn't remove easily without using ...
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Your Kindle Needs Repair: battery invalid: -22

I'm getting a battery error which might just mean low battery:
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Why is the battery life so bad on my new PocketBook InkPad Color?

I quite recently bought a brand new PocketBook InkPad Color, having read something about "a month per charge". But now I've yet again recharged it because it was almost out of power after ...
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Can I turn on a non responding Kindle Paperwhite?

According to this answer it's 2nd generation, and no matter how much I charge I always get the following screen, can anything be done?
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