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e-mail azw to Kindle Personal Documents Service?

To convert epub to the azw format I've tried an online conversion tool and then sending the generated file to myself as an attachment. So far this doesn't seem work so well. Yet sending mobi files ...
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DRM-ing mobi files Amazon's way

I cooperate as a sysadmin with a publishing house. They publish standard books and ebooks. Ebooks are watermarked. Now they want to add a library service (lending ebooks for a short time period) They ...
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How to fix the misaligned word wise after sideloading AZW3 with Goodreads?

I sideloaded the AZW3 with Goodreads using Calibre. And I see that the downloaded word wise is misaligned. Is there anyway to fix it manually? I am using Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4
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Calibre changes font coverting AZW book to EPUB

I'm trying to convert an azw book to epub. Calibre completes the conversion with no problem, but the font has changed (to something ugly). I know I can use the look and feel settings to fix this, but ...
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Find source image from azw3 file

When looking at the rawml of a azw3 file using kindle unpack. Most image embeds look something like this. (This is the rawml of an epub converted to azw3.) <img src="kindle:embed:0003?mime=...
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