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Books supplied with a soundtrack, generally without a print in the same file. They are usually professionally presented.

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Can I implement read-aloud myself for epub 3?

I wish to have an ebook where pressing the play button results in only one paragraph being played at a time. Also, the person reading the book should be able to press on certain words to see the ...
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How to sync mp3 audiobook to mobi ebook on Kindle for Android?

I installed Kindle for Android in my phone. I have ebook in mobi format and mp3. The mp3 is an audiobook for the ebook. I have put the mobi and mp3 in the Kindle folder. The ebook can read but how do ...
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Borrowing audiobooks from different sources

So, how do I go about using an app, website, or other source to borrow audiobooks? I'm fine with paying some money, but Kindle Audible wants up to $20 USD for some titles.
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Can you access Audible through Kindle for kids on the Paperwhite?

I am looking at getting a PaperWhite for my daughter, and it would be good to access Audible through it, which is a feature of the new Paperwhite. However, it doesn't say if it is available anywhere ...
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