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Questions tagged [audiobooks]

Books supplied with a soundtrack, generally without a print in the same file. They are usually professionally presented.

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Borrowing audiobooks from different sources

So, how do I go about using an app, website, or other source to borrow audiobooks? I'm fine with paying some money, but Kindle Audible wants up to $20 USD for some titles.
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Can you access Audible through Kindle for kids on the Paperwhite?

I am looking at getting a PaperWhite for my daughter, and it would be good to access Audible through it, which is a feature of the new Paperwhite. However, it doesn't say if it is available anywhere ...
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Can I implement read-aloud myself for epub 3?

I wish to have an ebook where pressing the play button results in only one paragraph being played at a time. Also, the person reading the book should be able to press on certain words to see the ...
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How to sync mp3 audiobook to mobi ebook on Kindle for Android?

I installed Kindle for Android in my phone. I have ebook in mobi format and mp3. The mp3 is an audiobook for the ebook. I have put the mobi and mp3 in the Kindle folder. The ebook can read but how do ...
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While producing an audiobook, how to mark the begining of an unnamed and unnumbered section or chapter?

While producing a fiction audiobook that is composed of several unnamed and unnumbered sections, what is the best way to mark the begining of each section? In the paper edition of the book in question,...
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Are sound effects acceptable or desirable in a fiction audiobook? [closed]

I am an author of short stories and poetry. I have been publishing ebooks and now I am also considering turning some of them into audiobook format. I confess I have only listened to one or two ...
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Are there other audiobooks with the quality and immersion of Phil Dragash's LOTR? [closed]

Either a collection, specific book, or known narrator would be fine. Note: If you haven't heard Phil Dragash, he incorporates the movie soundtrack, background noise and other voices into his ...
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How can I listen to non-Audible audiobooks on my Kindle?

The Kindle has support for audible audiobooks. However, I am wondering if I can listen to audiobooks from other sources such as
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