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Is there a DRM-compatible ebook reader with continuous vertical scrolling?

I am looking for an eReader app for Android that will allow me to purchase DRM protected ebooks and read them with continuous vertical scrolling. So far I've only managed to find apps that only ...
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Ebooks that allow handwritten notes

Is there a place to buy ebooks that allow handwritten notes in the apps used to read them? I'm considering buying etextbooks, and want to be able to write handwritten notes in them with a wacom pad. ...
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Continuous scroll for ePub reader in PWA

Is anyone aware of limitations that would prevent an ePub reader within a PWA built with Typescript/Javascript in an Ionic/Angular framework from having continuous/infinite scroll?
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Is there any app available for reading the books downloaded in PDF format?

I like to listen to audiobooks a lot. Is there application which can read the downloaded books directly? There are various app but you have to manually copy the paragraphs and then it reads for you. ...
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Create a DRM Compatible reader?

If I were to create an ePub reader application for mobile devices, how could I receive authorization to allow DRM protected books purchased from other eBook stores to run on my app (legal only, no ...
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2 answers

I cannot display ebook content on the Kobo ebook app

I have purchased an ebook from Rakuten Kobo, downloaded ebook app on my computer, I see my book on the ebook, but cannot seem to display the book. I have tried clicking on the book, I clicked on ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is EPUB ready for most phones?

Would a person who doesn't know anything about technology be able to read an EPUB file without having to install any app? The phone might be in Android or iOS. I suspect the answer is no, because I ...
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How to read DjVu files on Kindle?

I want to be able to read DjVu files on my kindle. I don't want to convert DjVu to PDF or MOBI. Is there a way I can do this?
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6 votes
1 answer

Why can't I download the same books to Adobe Digital Editions and Overdrive apps?

According to Overdrive, if I get an ebook from a participating library, I should be able to get it on up to six devices, as long as I login with the Overdrive ID on each. So I've checked out a book, ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Ebook app for Windows 8

I am looking for recommendations for an ebook application that runs on Windows 8/8.1 .
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8 votes
2 answers

Is there an Android reading app that synchronizes across devices?

I have been using Aldiko and Kindle for reading on my Android devices, but I find it annoying to always have to convert epub books to mobi format just so I can synchronize them across devices using ...
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4 answers

Dual reading (for translation comparison)

I have started using my tablet for reading epubs and I have found a lot of different versions of the same book. So, is there any application that allows me to compare, i.e. to see both versions in a ...
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2 answers

What book collection related features can be useful in an eBook reader app

When choosing an eBook reader application, what are the features that a user should seek for managing a set of book / book collection?
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