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A free document viewer for PDF files produced by Adobe and made available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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Any E-Readers suggestions that supports ACSM books and scribbles / drawings?

As titled, I have recently bought a couple of books across platforms that are ACSM-encrypted, and would like to see if there is any E-Readers that supports drawing annotations. I have tried several ...
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Recommend a new e-book reader, main need is highlight and add notes to my books

I have an e-book reader ( in fact it is a gift) Kobo aura. The problem I faced with this e-book is that I am not able to highlight in pdf files, nor add some notes to my pdf books as in adobe ...
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is PDF not considered as an ebook format

I had a debate with my colleagues over PDF as an eBook format. I maintain, that eBook is defined as any book that is digitized, and that epub or other HTML based eBook rendering is just a type of ...
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How to save a PDF document without having to choose the file name each time?

I'm reading academic papers in PDF format in Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, when I highlight text and save the document, Acrobat keeps asking me to re-choose the file, rather than just overwriting the ...
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SDK to create adobe id

Does anybody know how to create adobe ids from some api or sdk? I have been looking for a while but I did not found anything yet
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How do I crop out an image from a pdf file?

I have an android phone and use Adobe Reader to read pdf files. I have a pdf file that has some images that I want to crop out. I have not found a way to do this using Adobe Reader on Android. Is ...
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Can I increase the volume of *Read out Loud* in my Adobe Reader?

I have Adobe Reader V 10.1.8 on my laptop and it has a Read Out Loud feature that reads the text in the e-book. The problem is that the volume is too low to hear what the reader is reading. Even with ...
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