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Questions tagged [adobe-digital-editions]

Adobe Digital Editions - - is a free ereader app that can be used to view DRM and non-DRM content. Use this tag when dealing with questions related to this application.

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How can one change the "Date Added" of a book in Adobe Digital Edition?

I recently installed Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) on my computer. On ADE, each book has some associated metadata. The one I am interested in is the "Date Added" which is the date and time the ...
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Adobe Digital Editions - Transferring books to devices

Does ADE automatically transfer books to all devices attached to my account? For example, if I download an eBook from the library on my desktop computer, will it automatically sync my eInk reader and ...
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Adobe Digital Editions 2.0.1 vs. Windows 10

After moving to a new physical computer I fail to run ADE 2.0.1 (downloaded from , as always). Despite the previous system with similar ...
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