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third generation of mobile telecommunications technology

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Disable 3G wireless access on a Kindle Paperwhite

Is there a way to disable the 3G cellular access to preserve the battery while keeping the wifi access? Airplane mode kills both the cellular and the wifi.
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How do I modify the connection habits of my Kindle Keyboard 3G?

I have Kindle Keyboard 3G, I use the text to speech for reading books while commuting. If I leave the wireless turned on it uses up the battery pretty fast trying to keep and or find a 3G or WiFi ...
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6 votes
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How does the 3G carrier designation limit a Kindle's use?

I am looking into buying a used Kindle DX, and I've noticed that people describe their Kindles either as unlocked, or as belonging to a certain carrier (for example, AT&T). I don't live in the ...
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Internet access on the 3G Amazon Kindles?

I had a 3G Kindle back in the day (2 years ago), and one of my favourite features as a traveller was the whispernet experimental web browser. It was slow as a dog, but hey, free internet in most ...
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How to sync my Kindle with my Kindle library without using WiFi?

This is a question that plagued me a while ago when my wireless router refused to work correctly with my Kindle Touch (3G edition). I had a document that I wanted to transfer to my Kindle as well as ...
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