I have written a small booklet. It will be used in an upcoming event, and I want the leaders to get an advanced epub copy. I would like to attach this to my organizations html website. It would be great if they could see the book, but I want them to be able to download it at a minimum. I have searched many times for the HTML codes to do this and nothing I have found works. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Of course you are aware that whoever gets somehow the link to the page may download the booklet, right?
    – mau
    Commented Apr 5 at 18:21

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The following methods can be still reached if your clients are given the webpage link by you. The first several methods take you to a webpage where you need to place the epub link.

  1. Wrap link with an HTML comment tag: <!--<a href="https://www.ese.net/epub.html></a>-->

  2. Or use CSS and put a class="hidden" in the link and use the CSS style code below. Or use 'display:none' as another option.

  3. Or style the actual link inline directly: style="visibility:hidden;"

Alternative: If you want the epub to immediately start downloading at moment of click, replace the html page link with your actual epub link like this:

<a href="your-epub.epub" class="hidden">EPUB</a>

CSS styling for the above:

/* keep the space it consumes but make it invisible */
.hidden {visibility: hidden;}
/* remove the space and make it invisible */
.none {display: none;}

See MDN Mozilla website (or w3schools) for display visibility, display hidden, display none. Welcome to ESE.

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