Having issues with ebooks, some new ones, and some that worked perfectly before (about a week ago).

In the text sections throughout the book, I see either and only "☒" or "_☒". All images display correctly. (Example image at end of Post)

Steps taken to fix:

  • I have deleted and reuploaded the ones that had worked before - didn't fix.
  • I have factory reset both my Clara and Elipsa devices - didn't fix
  • a suggestion from a redit post was to check HTML files for UTF-8 encoding, which, unless I missed something, didn't work


  • epub formats
  • uploaded by calibre
  • tested on both KOBO Clara and KOBO Elipsa
  • can not confirm any updates happened in the time frame (roughly a week)

enter image description here

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*** FIXED, using Sigil and its Tools option "Validate StyleSheets with W3C" ***

Note: one book fixed... I will update if any fail this fix... Final Edit: all books fixed.

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