I have been lookinɡ for an free online docx or doc to epub converter, thouɡh somethinɡ always seems to be somethinɡ a bit weird about the converters [not havinɡ imaɡes after conversion, addinɡ extra paraɡraph spaces in random spots or removinɡ the spaces, not keepinɡ the formattinɡ after conversion, etc.]

The best ones I have found so far are these: https://cloudconvert.com/epub-converter https://ebook.online-convert.com/convert-to-epub https://convertio.co/docx-epub/

Is there any better converters [preferably it can support a cap-drop, imaɡes, centered text [and other formattinɡ], and hyperlinks]?

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Have u tried this one?

Its called Aspose. seems to work well!


The best results I've had are with the built-in converter in Calibre. Calibre is an installed application, available for many platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

An advantage of using an application, rather than online conversion, is that one has full control of the process. If the title, cover image or other aspect needs to be changed, editing can be done before file conversion.

Calibre Format Conversion dlg

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