Just bought my first e-reader, a Kobo Libra 2.

I've tried various books but for reproducibility consider this scenario:

  • factory-reset
  • mount via usb to linux pc
  • insert dummy user to .kobo/KoboReader.sqlite
  • copy over the .epub and .mobi versions of Flatland
  • eject
  • enable parental control

When viewing, .epub fonts are ludicrously large. .mobi fonts are slightly more sensible. Both give about 1 line when font size is set to maximum but I cannot shrink .epub to give more than about 24 lines:

epub mobi
epub with smallest font mobi with smallest font

Both books display perfectly legibly with fbreader on my S7.

Am I missing something obvious? I'd like to be able to make the epub fonts much smaller. I don't need as small as the 101x59 termux cli I use on my 3" wide Samsung S7 screen but something closer to the font size of an actual paperback would be nice so I'm not page-turning every couple of seconds.

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For .epub books successfuly converted with kepubify, the font size can go much lower.

kepub (minimum) kepub (normal)
enter image description here kepub gives sensible font size

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