So I know the best is very opinionated, but currently I am managing all my ebooks (All formats) using Callibre Software for Desktop and whenever I have to sync it with other devices I prefer Google Play Books (There I upload the file after converting it to ePub first). So I was seeking for a better option or better management for my library

  • I might correct you on some points: first Google Play Books support ePub format the best, it also supports PDF but its not that much Book Friendly on it (verify here)
    – MJK618
    Nov 16 at 3:17
  • Second: to read on Google Play Books one must upload the file (ePub as discussed above) to cloud, for which I said I use calibre as converter - No issue about the conversion
    – MJK618
    Nov 16 at 3:18
  • I need a better solution to do all this
    – MJK618
    Nov 16 at 3:19

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