Most articles I find on the web that I want to read, I sync to my Kindle.

I had a Kindle Voyage, and I had problems syncing personal documents. Whether it was a hard limit of books or documents or a certain amount of memory required to be free, I have no way of knowing, but I found that frequently personal documents wouldn't sync to my Kindle unless I deleted books to free up space.

Now I have a 32 GB Kindle Oasis, which I hoped would solve the problem. Yet I still have some 27 GB free, and personal documents have stopped syncing. When I turn on Wi-Fi and sync, books come across fine, but personal documents don't.

It can't be the amount of memory left, so what it is?

Is there some hard-coded limit inherent to Kindles for how many personal documents (or documents plus books) can live on a Kindle at a time?


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